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 Lucy seemed perfectly healthy at birth. 

Nobody suspected that anything was wrong

until 24-36 hours after she was born.



 Lucy Jane 

 was sent home 

 from the NICU on hospice... 

Steve before he found out about Lucy's medical complications

Lucy in the NICU

with prayer flags beside her

But later, had a hospice graduation party when she was 10 months old, plus three separate first birthday parties to celebrate the monumental occasion.
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 In 2016, her parents were told that her life expectancy was 3-5 years. 

...then had a 

 hospice graduation party 

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Lucy is now nine years old and a daily reflection of pure goodness and trust. This family knows that they must be as brave as she is. They choose to believe in miracles and breakthroughs, both in the medical field and their lives.

Lucy is the light of her family.

The reward is rich when you take the time to  listen  to someone who is nonverbal.

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Navigating a medically complex child can be a frightening path, but Lucy continues to exude strength and a calm joy. Sensory processing challenges often cause Lucy to look away and become very quiet in an exciting environment or around new people. Because of this, few have a chance to see the giggly, bright-eyed, fierce girl that lights up her parents at home. This film is the first time others can see Lucy through their eyes.

And from their view, she is perfect. 

Sean filming

Sean films Lucy at school with preschool teacher Ms. Roz.

Lucy big smile

The smile that heals.

Lucy birth

With dad Stephen shortly after birth, before they knew anything was wrong.

Lucy EEG

An EEG (Electroencephalogram) detects abnormalities and electrical activity in brain waves.

Lucy + Friend

Lucy shows off her ever-improving hand dexterity while inspecting her little unicorn friend.

Lucy CVI

Lucy wore sunglasses at the eye doctor after having her pupils dilated, so Dad did too.

med station

Lucy's home 'med station'.

Lucy Horseback Riding

Lucy rides Chili, a horse at preschool (recently graduated).

Smiling horse

Lucy even makes Chili smile.

Lucy in her Stander

Lucy in her stander, working on her weight bearing capabilities.

The Larkins Family

The family: Grace, Stephen, and Lucy in 2021. Photo by Ashley Robison.

Mama Lucy

Hanging with mom in San Diego.

Lucy + Grace

Mom tucks Lucy in bed.

Stretching Bird

Stretching her wings.

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